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How to Change The Buckle on Your Belt

Step one: Buy a Montana Silversmiths belt buckle. <tic>

But seriously, when it comes to changing your belt buckle, there are two main styles of belt straps – snap belts and rivet belts.

Snap Belts

Snap belt straps are more common, and very easy to change. At our photo shoots, most of our models don’t even have to take their belt strap off to make a quick change of buckles.

In this example, we show how the snaps work on your belt strap, and BONUS – we show how to add a range buckle with a keeper loop and a prong back onto the belt strap.

Rivet Belts

Rivet belts seem to be less common, and don’t look like a strap that allows you to change your buckle – but you actually can. In this example we figured most folks wouldn’t bother digging up a screwdriver just to change their buckle, and, truthfully, we didn’t want to bother either … so we used a coin.

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