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Meet Miss Rodeo America 2013, Chenae Shiner

Montana Silversmiths was proud and excited to host Miss Rodeo America 2013, Chenae Shiner, this week for our first photo shoot with her. It was a short trip, and we packed a lot into it for her.

Chenae landed in Billings, Montana just before lunch on Monday, where we snapped her up and drove her out to our headquarters in Columbus, about an hour away. Even though we only had half a day before our all-day photo shoot on Tuesday, we made enough time to give her a tour of the production plant, shoot a video on stacking jewelry, and plan what to wear with which jewelry sets at which locations.

For the record, she was amazing-fantastic on video – completely ad-libbed. We can’t wait to show you tomorrow!

It’s always fun to show new people our production area. Chenae tells us that it was such a surprise to see how detailed our process is, and how every step is hands on by so many people.

The next day we packed up and headed out to Clark Marten Photography studios to start our photo shoot for the day. Click on these photos for a slide show and bits of story from the day:

Here’s a list of the points of interest we visited – if you’re ever in Montana, be sure to check them out!

In Columbus:

In Red Lodge:

Chenae modeled all new pieces which will be made available in July 2013.

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