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Montana Silversmiths Names New CEO

Montana Silversmiths, a leader in Western jewelry and home décor design, announced the appointment of Steve Muellner to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Steve Muellner, Montana Silversmiths CEO

Steve Muellner, Montana Silversmiths CEO

Muellner was hired after an extensive search and was formally introduced in a company-wide meeting, on Monday, February 25, 2013, at the Montana Silversmiths headquarters in Columbus, MT. George Branca, interim CEO, announced the hiring of Muellner to more than 200 employees gathered in the production plant and off-site through an online virtual meeting.

Muellner said at the meeting that his approach is to listen and ask a lot of questions. He views his role as CEO as a facilitator for improvement where possible and plans to focus on Customer needs first and foremost, followed closely by product development and product quality.

A charismatic and outgoing character, Muellner was quick to shake hands and make personal introductions with individual employees who raised their hands to ask questions during the company meeting.

“When I first met him, I was really impressed by his genuine demeanor,” says Dave Stimmel, chief financial officer, “When Steve talks to you, he looks you in the eye. He’s a great communicator.”

The opinion was universally shared by all who met Muellner during the selection process.

“Everything we do, everything we make is an expression of our Western and rural lifestyle,” explains Steve Miller, vice president of sales and events, “Mr. Muellner has a sincere appreciation for our heritage and culture that will help keep our company on solid ground while we build to new heights.”

Kent Williams (on the left), founder of Montana Silversmiths, with Steve Muellner (on the right), CEO of Montana Silversmiths.

Kent Williams (on the left), founder of Montana Silversmiths, on a tour of the plant this week with Steve Muellner (on the right), CEO of Montana Silversmiths.

Steve received his MBA from Cornell University and has worked in Executive roles over his 30 year career, working with small entrepreneurial companies as well as large corporations.  Most recently Steve  held the position of President/CEO of Rapid Rack .

Relocating from California, Muellner and his wife, Debbie, are excited about the opportunity to live and work in Montana.  They are equestrians at heart and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hunting, skiing, riding and golfing.

Muellner says, “I’m proud and delighted to be a part of such an iconic company which itself is the authentic brand of champions in the Western Lifestyle. I look forward to working with the passionate team at Montana Silversmiths and energizing our organization, our retail partners and, most importantly, our customers with quality products, exceptional service and outstanding delivery”.


2 thoughts on “Montana Silversmiths Names New CEO

  1. just ordered belt buckles that were specifically designed at my request….very impressed with the workmanship and speedy response of your employees..(Judy Colgrove)….looking forward to a long association with large orders to follow…

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